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    Reporter Antwan Lewis discusses Jose's work with children and his work as a Sergeant for NYPD. When his students arrive at the studio (located on MacLean Avenue in Yonkers just over the Bronx border), before they hit the mats they are required to fulfill one hour in the facility’s study hall, a separate dedicated room which Guerrero has equipped with computers and Wi-Fi where his students do school work, study for exams, write reports and receive extra help in math and science.
A Positive Partnership In the South Bronx

    Jose Guerrero and PAL have partnered together to bring a nurturing program to the children of the South Bronx. Jose Guerrero, a Police Sergeant and 15-year veteran of the NYPD, is deeply committed to bringing his Guerrero Karate 4 Kids Foundation to communities and children that need it most. When a friend told him that children at the PAL's Webster-Giannone Center needed a person and a program that would give them direction and hope, Jose Guerrero knew what he was going to do. He was not discouraged by the fact that the facility had no budget for what he had to offer. Instead, he secured a very generous $6,000 donation from the Rent Stabilization Association (which represents building owners throughout the five boroughs), which helped him purchase full uniforms for 50 children, floor mats, and sparring and other necessary equipment. Now, every Friday afternoon, in a dedicated room at the Webster Ave. PAL, Jose Guerrero gives his time to 50 children, ages 6-13, showing them that there is an alternative to drugs, gangs, crime and academic failure. Most importantly, he gives them hope. He shows them how to succeed through self-discipline, respect, confidence, commitment, leadership and academic achievement through his Guerrero Karate 4 Kids Foundation program. Jose Guerrero would like to reach as many children as possible because, as a Police Sergeant, he knows all too well the painful realities of the alternative. If you would like Guerrero Karate 4 Kids Foundation to come to your facility, contact Jose Guerrero. He would be glad to help!

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    GK4KNew York karate club was set up from the start to bring the most innovative and successful learning from the top international, national academies and coaches in sport karate program. Although some of the principles adopted by the Club, its the global standards to which young players are being developed for the rigorous demands of professional Karate program, NYKC’s programs and curriculums take the most advanced techniques and processes for developing players as the basis of our own program.
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INSPIRE Players need to develop a motivation and desire to work hard during training sessions and during their own time away from structured sessions. Every player - coach interaction serves as an opportunity to develop a passion and love for the sport karate.
EXPERT COACHING In order for a player’s ability to improve, they require accurate and concise information, combined with specific and immediate individual feedback. An adaptive coaching style is used to ensure that every player is developed during the training session; the objective is to create players who are independent thinkers.
REPETITIVE Repetition and deliberate practice is the key to learning. To master new skills players need to receive a high frequency of realistic situations that offer maximum ball contact. Players must be challenged to work at a high intensity that replicates a game environment.